*** Please be aware that this site is no longer a part of the official campaign effort. ***

The Save Our Santa Monica & Malibu Schools campaign effort raised approximately $750,000. The effort was able to reach a successful conclusion through the efforts of the Santa Monica-Maibu Education Foundation, teachers, students, parents, and community leaders. The funding raised will allow some of the teachers & additional Santa Monica Malibu School District staff that were put out of work due to budgetary cuts.

The Save Our Santa Monica Malibu Schools effort thanked its volunteers that promoted the effort by developing & promoting important community relationships as well as summer promotional events to help get the word out about the campaign effort. Various events for fundraising included food, music, raffle prizes, and more to help get the effort out to the public.

Santa Monica Malibu
The campaign effort adopted several abbreviations including “SOS” (for Save Our Schools), as well as Measure A. The effort for raising funding was primarily aimed at ensuring the quality of the educational system and learning environment for both the teachers, as well as the students in the Santa Monica and Malibu school systems. It ensures that the students are ready to go forth to higher education, and meet the global competitive requirements head on as they continue on in their scholastic studies.

The California state budget cuts left many schools short on funding, with approximately $10 million being removed from the funding over the past 2 years due to the Santa Monica and Malibu schools. The school boards reacted the only way they could on such short notice, by having to consider immediate layoffs of staff, teachers, and cutting of programs & other activities from the school’s curriculum. This of course was a grave concern to all parents that have children attending, and this campaign effort was born to raise more funding on a local level to ensure that quality of education remains a priority for the area for its students.

Top Priorities for the Effort included:
- Ensure quality curriculum in the core subjects of reading, writing, mathemathics and science.
- Limit potential teacher layoffs
- Keep class size to teacher ratios at their current levels
- Protect the Music & Art programs, along with others
- Keep Academic Libraries available for students
- Limit impact to school counselors & their role in providing guidance to students in their preparation for college & career choices available to them.